Outside Air Treatment

100% Outside Air seminar, the speaker will (1-Hour)

Discuss when, where and how to use refrigeration based dehumidification equipment Explore why standard A/C systems have problems and fail with 15% or more outside air. Cover different types of refrigeration based dehumidifiers, fix hot gas reheat, variable hot gas reheat and liquid sub-cooled reheat in parallel and series system designs. Will investigate 100% outside air, single-pass, unit designs with various technologies such as DX, heat plates, and heat pipes. Will investigate the impact of exhaust air energy recovery systems and how an enthalpy wheel can compliment a dehumidification system. Review the various control strategies to control outside air system with respect to both compressor operation and leaving air temperature control. Discuss various applications to explore how a dehumidifier can be implemented to handle the outside air dehumidification requirements plus majority of the space latent and sensible load.

100% DX-DOAS Control Strategy, the speakers will (1- Hour)

The speaker will discuss parallel HVAC design with a DX-DOAS integration and its control strategy to achieve the lowest building capital and operating cost. A DOAS can reduce the supply air to eliminate all outside air moisture plus be dry enough to absorb the building’s internal moisture loads. Incorporating a DX-DOAS system within a parallel HVAC design allows the engineer to provide the by-products of the DOAS: free heating and cooling. DX-DOAS compressor control strategies will be explored. The question, “When is a compressor(s) energized and/or staged to minimize operation cost while still controlling humidity?" will be addressed. When utilizing the DX-DOAS by-products, the system must include a leaving air temperature control strategy allowing the offset of building loads with the free by-products while preventing overheating and sub cooling of the building’s spaces. In addition, a discussion on night setback and CO2 control strategies will be presented. Night setback will discuss an energy saving mode with unoccupied building humidity controlled. Plus, we will explore a simplified CO2 control strategy for demand control ventilation.

100% Outside Air Systems – Utilizing Water Source Heat Pump Technology, the speaker (1-Hour)

Discuss the refrigeration circuit and components, how they work and their importance for year round successful & efficient operation. How to apply 100% Outside Water Source Heat Pump equipment and control it in dehumidification, cooling and heating mode. Look at different control and installation options to minimize capital and or operating cost for the entire project. Discuss the unit’s sequence of operation using a psychometric chart. Look at advantaged and disadvantaged of the Reverse Cycle Heat Pump on Recirculation and or Mixed Outside Air and in 100% Outside Air Applications. Compare a Reverse Cycle Heat Pump to a New 2002 Technology Dual Evaporator Water Source Heat Pump. Explore new energy management techniques that reduce utility cost and capital cost by properly designing with a Dual Evaporator System for 100% Dedicated Outside Air Systems.

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