Poolroom Design and Dehumidification, the Speaker Will (1-Hour)

Discuss poolroom construction, do's and don’ts and how to protect the structure from corrosion due to condensation. Review what types of concerns and questions that should address when speaking with the owner, pool operator, architect, chemical provider, electrical designer and contractors. Discuss pool water and air relationship. Look at basic dehumidification. Discuss 6-Key Goals in Pool Room Design of the Building Envelope.

Poolroom Dehumidification Equipment and Application, the speaker will (1 Hour)

Discuss when, where and how to use refrigeration based equipment. Covering types of refrigeration based natatorium dehumidifiers, standard basic systems, economizer systems, purge systems, heat pipe systems, and Desert Aire Select Aire Systems. Review an energy analysis and comparison of all types of dehumidification systems.

Dehumidification and Airborne Chloramine Control with Advanced Energy Recovery (1-Hour)

Desert Aire has been a leader in the field of dehumidification of natatoriums with a unique energy recovery sequence to capture the energy of the exhaust air and use it in returning the energy back to the pool facility. This system can offer the lowest cost of operation while protecting the building from moisture damage. A new design opportunity has been developed for this industry using a unique source capture duct design to remove the damaging effects of chemical build-up that occurs in a natatorium under heavy use. Desert Aire has enhanced its sequence of operation to interface and control the source capture technique while also maintaining the building’s negative pressure. This new sequence combines unique sensors to activate higher levels of exhaust and corresponding ventilation air to eliminate the chemical build-up while still maintain the highest level of energy recovery.

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