Psychometrics Basics and Refrigerant Technology (1-Hour)

The speaker with review the psychrometeric chart, terms, use, and formulas used to calculate various loads. We will discuss the refrigeration process used in a mechanical air conditioner and a dehumidifier. In addition, we will look at key design features of the major components. We then explore how a refrigerant type dehumidifier recovers the heat from the water vapor and disperses the energy to different heat sinks to optimize recover energy. Psychrometrics will be used to ad in describing all processes of the refrigeration circuit and its impact on air.

Dehumidification Basics (Advance Psychrometrics) (1.5-Hours)

The speaker will discuss dehumidification basics with a focus on psychometrics, moisture loads, refrigeration dehumidifaction technology, and the impact of ARI Standard 910 and 920. First, psychometrics basics will be reviewed with a focus on determining moisture loads. Using the psychometric chart and local weather data, we will explore the influence of ASHRAE weather data, bin data, and joint frequency plots used in determining outside air loads. In addition, we will briefly review other moisture load sources used in selecting the appropriate dehumidifier. Next, refrigerant dehumidification technology will be discussed and compared against a conventional DX system. We will look at the similarities and differences between the following basic DX dehumidifiers: an industrial unit, a low temperature unit, a pool unit, and an outside air unit. While discussing the different dehumidifiers, we will apply various applications and see how a dehumidifier can be implemented to handle the outside air dehumidification requirements plus the majority of the space latent and sensible loads. Each dehumidifier operation will be discussed with the aid of a psychometric chart. Lastly, we will discuss the impact of ARI Standard 910 and 920 when selecting a dehumidification system.

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